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Established in 1974, Appraisal® Avaliações e Engenharia in few years became one of the most renowned appraisal companies in Brazil. Due to the fact that its core business calls for an in-depth assessment of company´s assets, Appraisal uses scientific and accurate methods, in order to support strategic decisions.

It is wise to seek the opinion of a reliable appraisal company, in order to maximize results and get solutions for corporate issues.

Appraisal renders a first-class service to the manufacture, commercial and financial industries, besides several government agencies, by implementing new methods and techniques through highly skilled professionals who keep themselves abreast with cutting-edge technologies available in Brazil and abroad.

Appraisal’s technical staff is seasoned in mergers & acquisitions and split-off & split-up of corporations, and ensures strict confidentiality.

Besides appraisal-related matters, Appraisal also carries out feasibility studies and organizational reengineering.

All technical reports developed by Appraisal are based on the standards and publications of:

  • IBAPE – Brazilian Institute of Appraisals and Engineering Reports;
  • ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards;
  • CVM – Securities Commission.


I. Appraisal of Tangible Assets

  • Residential, industrial or commercial properties (urban & rural);
  • Machinery & equipment;
  • Facilities;
  • Reforestation & farming;
  • Collateral security (inspection of products or raw materials);
  • Urban transactions involving municipal authorities.

II. Appraisal of Intangible Assets

  • Patents & trademarks;
  • Technology;
  • Goodwill;
  • Net worth.
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